Foldable Examination couch

The wall-mounted examination tables are quick and easy to set up and intended for use in areas where a permanent table is not required or where space is limited. In the standard version, these tables fold downwards, along the wall. This way, the visible part is the upholstered tabletop, not the leg frame with the underside of the table and the headrest adjustment mechanism.

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These tables are available in three frame finishes (lacquered, chrome, stainless steel) and two widths (650, 800 mm). A wall-mounted table to maximize the space available. The desired position of the headrest, on the left or on the right, should be indicated at time of ordering. The wall-mounted examination tables with a width of 650 mm (Article No. WKL-1065, WKL-2065 and WKL-3065) are available with heights of 700, 750 or 800 mm. The wall-mounted examination tables with a width of 800 mm (Article No. WKL-1080, WKL-2080 and WKL-3080) are available with a height of 900 mm. The individually foldable legs are equipped with a safeguard against accidental collapse. The headrest is continuously adjustable (up to +40°) with clamping rod locking mechanism. Both tabletop sections have an upholstery thickness of 64 mm. Reinforced wall brackets are included with the table. The total length of the table with the brackets is 1990 mm.