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Transcell Biotech Systems (U) LTD – (TBS) was incorporated as a limited company at the beginning of 2005, 9th Day of March by a group of experienced and dedicated Ugandans who identified and recognized the absence and shortage of medical products and equipments on the Ugandan market. Since its inception, TBS (U) Ltd has grown into one of Uganda’s leading suppliers and delivering Quality and Affordable Health care products to the Ugandan population.

TBS (U) Ltd is basically involved in the importation, distribution and marketing of medical & Laboratory equipments, diagnostic products, laboratory reagents, First Aid Equipment, Assorted Drugs and medical sundries (consumables).

Our Mission:          

Our mission is to be the recognized market share leader in the healthcare business chain services segment in which we compete, as measured by the satisfaction and loyalty of our employees, customers, and shareholders.

Corporate Governance:

Corporate Governance provides key policies for conducting business in a legal and ethical way. TBS is committed to serving our customers, interacting with our vendors and treating our employees in a way that reflects our mission and our core values.

Our Core Values:


  • We value people and strongly believe that everyone is entitled to treatment that is dignified and loving
  • We believe providing care to those who need it most is the foundation of servant leadership and we respect and support our customers’ commitment to this task.
  • We support our industry through programs that advance the quality of care through education.
  • We are socially responsible and invest our time and resources in activities that bring measurable value to the communities we serve.


  • We conduct ourselves with the highest levels of integrity and fairness. We lead with brutal honesty.
  • We strive to surround ourselves with diverse individuals who possess an intense work ethic, high moral standards, and who are recognized by their dependability and commitment to excellence.
  • We take pride in the work we do as a team.
  • We are passionate about our industry and our desire is to win business in a fair and honest manner.


  • We believe that true empowerment breeds excellent customer service and individual satisfaction. We make positive things happen.
  • We are experienced and knowledgeable on many of the issues that keep our customers awake at night.
  • We attempt to provide innovative solutions that are practical, flexible, and known for their quality and value.


  • We are responsive to the needs of our customers and do everything we can to assure their success.
  • We are committed to providing a workplace where employees are given the direction, tools and freedom to accomplish great things. We reward excellence.
  • We believe that financial stewardship is prudent and necessary.
  • We strive to maximize financial returns for all our stakeholders, including our customers, suppliers, shareholders and employees.

Standards of Business Conduct:

TBS (U) Ltd is committed to fair dealing and unbiased treatment of all of its business partners and employees. To prove the strength of our commitment, we pledge to follow these principles at all times and in all situations. Our directors, officers and employees are committed to ensuring:

  • Honest and ethical conduct, including the ethical handling of actual or apparent conflicts of interest between personal and professional relationships;
  • Full, fair, accurate, timely, and understandable disclosure in reports and documents filed with regulatory or industry agencies;
  • Compliance with applicable governmental laws, rules and regulations;
  • Prompt internal reporting of violations of these Standards; and
  • Accountability for adherence to these Standards.

Accuracy of Business and Accounting Records:

TBS (U) Ltd has established accounting control standards and procedures to ensure that assets are protected and properly used and that financial records and reports are accurate and reliable. This is part of the responsibility entrusted to all TBS (U) Ltd employees and is simply smart business. Every TBS (U) Ltd employee is responsible for supporting, maintaining, and complying with the required internal controls relevant to his or her responsibilities.

Customer and Vendor Relations:

We are committed to the principle of fair competition and to dealing openly and honestly. We must compete for every customer’s business, and we must provide exceptional service and value to keep it. We pledge to compete and negotiate fairly, ethically and honorably, and to comply fully and consistently with all antitrust and competition laws applicable to our business.

Careers at TBS (U) LTD:

The TBS (U) Ltd staff is comprised of a team of individuals committed to the common goal of success.  This common motivation partnered with creativity, compassion, and character has allowed TBS (U) Ltd to become the fastest growing Supply Chain and Revenue Cycle Company in the industry.  We invite you to learn more about the outstanding career opportunities at TBS

(U) Ltd.

Human Resource Competence:

      • Top management consists of a balanced team of experienced and young executives from both commerce and engineering department.
      • Transcell Biotech Systems Co. Ltd has a pool of engineers and technicians working in the field of Quality Assurance and Customer Satisfaction.

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